Perspective is Everything

Posted by Lori MacDonald on

So, I'm into my third week of seriously engaging with my Etsy shop SubDesignFactory

I kept praying for some good reviews.  60+ sales, and not one review!  So, yesterday, I got one.  A 2 star out of 5!  Devastated!  But How?  My designs are beautiful!  And this particular design keeps selling and selling.

The review was based on the fact that the purchaser could not get the design to fully fit the 20 oz tumbler she was making.  I was puzzled.  All my tumbler designs are the perfect dimensions. 8.2 inches wide, by 9.3 inches high.  I couldn't understand why it wouldn't fit.

So, I messaged her.  She said that I had the dimensions of the design backwards.  It was 9.3 wide, and 8.2 high.

I asked her if maybe she had it set to landscape in her print settings or if maybe her margins were out of whack.  Nope...everything was set perfectly.

This is the design in question...The "Nurse Quote Skinny Tumbler" Design

Gorgeous, Right?

Well here is a screenshot of the photos she sent me.

She had been applying it sideways!!!!

I had a good laugh, informed her of mistake, and politely asked her to consider changing the review, as I truly didn't deserve such a bad review.  

So I'll go about my day, and check for the review change later!  

I don't know how she thought it should go on this way, but I can totally understand.  I have had so many moments where if I would have just taken the time to go back and check something, or look at something from a different perspective, everything would have turned out so much better.

Have a blessed day, my friends!